The Killer

“Hayley!” was the last word I heard from my mom on the day of the accident.

                  It happened so quickly, it was just a sunny fourth of July, perfect, as usual. My mom and I were competing who can stuff the most ice-cream in each other’s face,we were both laughing and rolling in the grass, then the sky turned black and dark purple,”What’s that?”I asked.”Probably just a storm” my mom said with a shrug,”let’s get to the car where it’s safe.” So we ran to the car,but I heard my mom yell ”Hayley!” I turned around and saw my mom stuck in a puddle of mud. I was about to run and help her but the lighting got there before I did and struck her, and just like that she was gone.”Mom?”I whispered with tears in my eyes.The storm was gone, and the fireworks went off.

2 weeks later

“No, I’m not going!”I yelled trying to fight off the grab of the women who owned the adoption center.The the women let go and put her hand on my shoulder gently,”sweety, you’re only 12 years old, you can’t live by yourself” I sniffed and took the woman’s hand, I knew I couldn’t live by myself,however I also knew, no one can replace my mother.As I walked into the adoption center I noticed how everything was the same.Inside the walls were all white and in the cafeteria everyone ate the same exact food.Everytime my tourguid lead me to a new room everyone stared at me like I was an alien that had one eye and five arms.

   When I entered the library the same thing happened as it did in all the other rooms, I came in and people stared.But in this room there was a girl with icy blue eyes that stared at me, like she was angry.She kept staring ,and staring making me feel very uncomfortable, but not because of her, I started to feel uncomfortable with myself.Finally she let go of my eyes when my tour guide told me it’s time to see my next room,but even if she wasn’t staring at me any more her icy eyes kept haunting me.

  Finally, it was time for me to move in to my dorm.Even before I opened the door I could hear a girl yelling “She shoots…SHE SCORES!!!” I rolled my eyes”great,I’m going to have one of those roommates” I thought to myself with a sigh.When I entered the room a short girl with straight black hair and sea green eyes was waiting for me.”Hi, I’m Alice”she said cheerfully,”you must be the new girl, Hayley.”I waved and smiled at her shyly.”So how did you end up here?”Alice asked “My mom died in a storm accident” I said in a whisper.”Lucky” Alice said catching me by surprise. “Excuse me?” I asked in disbelief,”I said lucky” Alice repeated without any other information. We sat in silence for a few minutes just staring at each other.While Alice stared at me, I tried to see if her stare was similar to the girl with the blue eyes but there were no similarities.Alice’s eyes were calm and relaxed,they were warm and welcoming.The other girl’s eyes were icy and cold,she looked at me like she wanted something from me,something that I didn’t have. Suddenly an alarming bell broke my thoughts,”What’s that?” I asked Alice,”time for the free part of the day, I’m going to play soccer with some of my friends you want to come?””No, I’m just going to unpack.”I answered.Alice just shrugged and ran out of the room.When she was gone I sighed to myself, I don’t belong here, I belong with my mom.I sat for a few more moments. then got up and started unpacking.

“So, your mom died in a storm” A nasty voice startled me. I quickly turned to see who it was.To my suprise it was the girl with the blue eyes”How did you get in here”I asked in a shakey voice,”The door was locked.” The girl laughed without humor”There’s more than one way to get into a room”Now tell me how did you feel when your mom disappeared, you know when the purple clouds went away,the exact moment after your mom,you know,died,””how did you…””Some people see better than others, some people hear better,some people are faster”She ran to the Alice’s desk at the speed of light and grabbed a pair of scissors “and some people,” she continued,”were justed there”Then her blue eyes turned the same shade of purple as the storm.”You,”I said in a tone that sounded more angry than scared”you killed my mom,the only human in this whole world that I cared,you killed,but why?””don’t you see?”she laughed again”It’s my job to take away what every person loves the most.” I looked at her in horror “What are you?” “I thought you would know by now,” she said with an evil smile”I am the daughter of a vampire who was good then, he wanted a child,so he adopted me.He trained to be magical,he trained me to control all the elements of the earth,he thought that I would use my new found power for good” she laughed”poor dad,I ended up burning him at the end”She said with a shrug “What why?”I asked”You are much more clueless than I thought,If you burn a vampire,you take the powers of the one who died.””but why do you want to kill me,I’m not a vampire,” “Don’t you see”She yelled”when I saw you at the park I saw you having the life that I wanted,that I should have had!”she turned away”all my father did was train me to be a hero that I didn’t want to be,I wanted what you had,seeing you made me so angry so, I destroyed it”She looked at me with her hard eyes, making a shiver go down my spine “Every person here has lost someone they have loved because of me” then she turned back to me”For instance: your roommate,Alice, her mother and father were astronauts that were assigned to go on a mission , they didn’t want to leave her but she made them go because she knew that exploring space made them happy,so they got sucked into a black hole”I gasped “how can you do such horrible things to people?””Because,they all had something I wanted.””Now I just want to say good bye” She said holding up the pair of scissors that she took before”you know too much”she said holding up the scissors with a smile.¨Wait!¨I stopped her in a calm voice,”first tell me what your name is.””My name is Violet” She said then stabbed the scissors into my heart.

      I woke up in the middle of a empty space that was all white,I thought about what happened just a few minutes ago wasn’t I dead? “Haley?” I heard from the distance.I turned and saw my mother standing next to me, she looked exactly the same as the last I saw her but now she was more perfect in a way I couldn’t explain “Where are we?”I asked her”We are in the underworld”she answered,”I’ve been expecting you”she said with a smile”I ran to her and gave her a big huge”I’ve missed you.”I whispered to her.She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said”I never left your side”

        So even though I’m dead,I’m with my mother.Thank you Violet.